3 Downfalls of Using Mosquito Oil on Your Pond 3 Downfalls of Using Mosquito Oil on Your Pond

Mosquitoes are a woe to any pond owner, many of whom turn to mosquito oil as a solution. Ponds are a wonderful addition to any garden but water that is stagnant for a long time can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. There are numerous ways of getting rid of mosquitoes and, unfortunately, mosquito oil is not one of them. The three main reasons you want to avoid mosquito oil are described below.

1. Creates an Oxygen-Blocking Film

Mosquito oil when added to the pond will create a film over the surface of the water, effectively blocking oxygen from accessing the water. This may kill the larvae but it will also affect any living creatures in the water like fish and plants.

2. Not Effective when Raining

The use of oil is also not very effective if it rains because the rain will dilute the mosquito oil in minutes leaving the water contaminated while still allowing many larvae to survive.

3. Not Eco-Friendly

Mosquito oil is also not very good for the environment. Opt instead for a greener solutions such as adding larvae-eating fish, or encouraging toads to inhabit your garden. You can find a number of eco-friendly products in the market without adding mosquito oil.

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