3 Drought Tolerant, Yellow Perennial Flowers 3 Drought Tolerant, Yellow Perennial Flowers

Growing a yellow perennial in a dry area might seem impossible. However, there are some very drought tolerant yellow perennials that can thrive in dry areas.

If you have a garden that you are growing yourself, you are probably have been able to grow thistle, brush, and weed. However, it would be nice to add a splash of color. Here is a short list of a few yellow perennial flowers you can add to your dry garden.

1. Heliopsis

This is very self-sufficient. This plant thrives on the dry prairies and has a stiff stalk that can get to 3 to 6 feet high. They produce large yellow blooms and can look great during the mid-summer and late fall season. A heliopsis plant will also spread very fast.

2. Evening Primrose

This is such a fascinating flower that you can actually watch the flower petals open before your eyes. New flowers will open just before dark and can go from a fully closed bud to a fully opened, bright yellow bloom in less than a minute. They bloom anywhere from late June to late July.

3. Sundrops 'Fireworks'
These beautiful yellow perennial flowers will bloom through June and July. They can also rebloom later in the season if you prune the old flowers off.

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