3 Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips You Must Know

A dryer.
What You'll Need
Wire clothes hanger

Effective dryer vent cleaning is more important than homeowners realize. Lint that is lodged in a dryer vent can not only reduce the efficiency of a clothes dryer, it can also create a fire hazard. The three tips below will provide information on how to effectively clean lint from your dryer.

1. Create Space Behind Your Dryer

To examine your dryer vent hose, you'll need to remove the vent hose from the dryer and from the vent exhaust. Position yourself behind the dryer where the vent is attached to the dryer and the outside exhaust. Pull the dryer away from the wall, at least 2 feet.

2. Detach the Vent Hose

If your vent hose is connected with a metal clamp, loosen the clamps with a screwdriver. If attached with metal tape, remove the tape. Then detach the vent hose and examine it for lint.

3. Remove Lint from the Vent Hose

Remove lint that is collected at either end of the vent hose. Hold the hose straight so that you can see through it. If it is clogged with lint between the two ends, use a metal clothes hanger and remove the lint. Finally, replace the hose and tighten the clamps.