3 Easy and Creative Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Bathroom decorating doesn't have to be expensive, time consuming, or difficult. Consider the following easy and creative ideas to get you started on your bathroom decorating project.


Bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms the house. Decorating with only a couple of choice items may be all that you really need for the space. Choose sleek and stylish fixtures, clean lines, a simple shower curtain, and small framed mirrors to make an inviting room in a small place.


To create a more romantic look in a bathroom, use lots of textures and rich colors. Spend little extra money on some fabric for a shower curtain and window curtains. Then add some thick and fluffy towels, robes, and a few vases with live flowers or a potted lavender plant. You can also accent your counters with scented soaps or multi-colored glass pebbles.

Simple Country

For a simple country feel, decorate in dusty blues or neutral colors. Add a café style curtain or valance in a gingham print for your shower in addition to a few inexpensive pieces of framed art. Framing paper doilies with wallpaper scraps can add charming country touch to your bathroom as well.