3 Easy Fence Staining Techniques

Fence staining isn't an exact science. Some people prefer certain methods over others. In the end it will boil down to what works best for you. There are three commonly used techniques that most people will agree are easy.


Using a sprayer to apply stain is going to be much faster than staining the fence by hand. To use this method you will need a high-quality sprayer. Cheap sprayers will clog more easily. While spraying is faster, you will still need to take care when doing this. The dye based stains will need to be mixed often to keep a consistent finish. 


Using a roller brush for fence staining is also an easy method. You will want to use a thick brush to give you even coverage. Once you have rolled the stain on, you will need to go back with a small brush to touch up areas that the roller didn't reach, such as corners and in between fence slats.


While brushing will require more time and work, it's still the most popular method for staining. A high-quality brush is a must. Cheap brushes tend to lose their bristles when you work with stain, and these bristles will end up drying in the finish. The brush will allow you to get perfectly even coverage, and reach other areas that are more difficult to reach with other methods.