3 Easy Garage Storage Ideas

Organize and keep your garage safe with these simple garage storage ideas.

Wall Cabinets

Keeping things off the floor is a basic organization idea that also provides safety. In garages, there are several chemicals and liquids that are harmful to pets and children. Simple wall cabinets lined along the side or back of your garage can keep these things out of reach. Wall cabinets is also a great garage storage idea for small hand tools and boxes of fasteners.

Free Standing Full-Length Closets

Being able to store your larger items is also a must. Rakes, shovels, weed eaters, axes, and other types of tools should be stored standing up, in a place where they can't be tripped over. The advantage of these free standing cabinets is that they can be moved to another wall, or corner, of your garage if the need arises.

Ceiling Storage

Garage ceilings are the most underused parts of a house. There is a lot of space that can be used in the expanse between the car and actual ceiling. There are garage ceiling storage kits that can be bought, or you can custom build your own. The space between the rafters is an ideal storage space that should be taken advantage of.