3 Easy Indoor Houseplants 3 Easy Indoor Houseplants

Indoor houseplants beautify a living space while simultaneously purifying the air and adding oxygen to the environment. This article details 3 easy-to-grow indoor houseplants that individuals who are new to gardening, or interested in low-maintenance plants may choose to purchase.

1 - Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an extremely easy plant to grow; it requires infrequent watering, a moderate amount of cactus-growing soil, and as much sunlight as possible. This plant is resilient because it is adapted to live in the desert; it may be revived after being forgotten for several weeks. In addition, Aloe Vera is known to be useful in relieving pain from sunburn.

2 - Zebrina Wandering Jew

The hanging basket plant commonly referred to as the “Zebrina Wandering Jew” is a hardy indoor plant that is easy to grow. It has brilliant green, shimmery leaves with dark purple undersides. This plant requires partial sunlight and moist soil. It’s beauty is unmatched.

3 - Pothos

Pothos is a common indoor houseplant that is popularly grown in hanging baskets. With tear-drop shaped foliage and a propensity to produce vines that grow to lengths more than 10 feet. In addition, this plant may be pruned into a bushy shape, and the cuttings are easily rooted in water.

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