3 Easy Steps to Remove Black Vinyl Tile 3 Easy Steps to Remove Black Vinyl Tile

What You'll Need
Floor scrapper
Hot air gun
Stripping knife
Solvent thinner
Scouring pad

When it comes to removing black vinyl tile or tiling of any color, the most difficult bit is not removing the tile but removing the adhesive underneath. If you just lay the new flooring over the old adhesive you will get an uneven finish.

Step 1 – Remove the Tiles

The black vinyl tile should come off relatively easily with a floor scrapper; simply place it under the edge of the tiles and use leverage to pry the tile from the floor. If some tiles are putting up resistance then heat the area with a hot air gun to soften the adhesive and try again.

Step 2 – Clean the Area

Although many of the tiles will have come off in one piece, the more stubborn ones may have cracked. Make sure you take all the rubble outside and sweep up the remaining dust and debris. Make sure you are wearing thick gloves to do this to prevent the sharp tile edges cutting your hands.

Step 3 – Remove Adhesive

Most of the adhesive will come off with the floor scrapper and some elbow grease. However, for the more stubborn patches, heat the adhesive using a hot air gun until it softens and it will become easier to remove with a stripping knife. Any traces of black vinyl tile glue left behind should be removed with solvent thinner and a scouring pad.

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