3 Easy Tile Pattern Ideas

Tiled bathroom

Here are 3 easy tile pattern ideas to use when installing tiles in your home. These patterns can be used anywhere in your home, from bathroom floors to kitchen backsplashes. The patterns explained here include the checkerboard, diamond and octagon patterns for your tiling. These tile patterns are easy to accomplish and do not require any special skills or training to do. Simply creating a pattern and laying it out before installing the tiles are the keys to creating a beautiful tile pattern.

Checkerboard Tile Patterns

A checkerboard tile pattern involves the use of 2 different color square tiles to create a checkerboard effect. This is accomplished by laying out a grid that alternates the two colors, whether they be white and black or white and red or any other alternating 2 colors. You can use square large tiles or small square tiles to create the pattern.

Always choose the pattern in advance of purchasing the tiles. Determine what 2 colors that you want to use. They do not have to be just black and white tiles so you can use this as an opportunity to be creative and think outside the box. Choose alternating colors that play on some theme or other colors you have used in the room where the tiles will be laid.

Diamond Tile Pattern

A diamond tile pattern is laid out by angling square tiles onto one point. Laying out a diamond tile pattern is much easier to accomplish than the checkerboard design since the diamond tile pattern only requires 1 color and is the same as a standard layout only set at an angle. However, you can also create a diamond checkerboard pattern design by using multiple colors in the layout of the tiles. Lay out a grid of alternating colors, just rotating each tile onto its point. Feel free to try laying out the tiles in more than one pattern before you begin, just to see which you like better.

Octagon Tile Pattern

The octagon tile pattern is made with a mix of large square tiles and small square tiles. The corners of the large tiles are cut so that the small tile fits in the diamond made when four large square are placed together. This pattern requires more skill in the layout and preparation than the checkerboard tile pattern as this one requires the use of a tile saw or tile clippers to trim the corners of the large tiles. The resulting design, however, is more elaborate than what you will see with the checkerboard or diamond tile patterns.

The octagon tile pattern can use a single color of tile, a different color for the small and large tiles, or a mixture of colors scattered throughout the pattern. Feel free to reach outside the box in picking the best effect for your room.

Other Tile Patterns

You can find additional tile patterns by looking in design magazines or looking at tile designs that are available at a tile and carpet store.