3 Effective Ways To Cut Miter Crown Molding

Crown molding is an inexpensive way to change the look of a room, and knowing how to miter crown molding will save you time and money on the installation process. A miter is a saw that is used to make exact angles. With crown molding this will give you a perfect seam where the corners meet. Here are a few tips.

Adjust the Saw

The first thing you need to do is to adjust your miter saw to a 45-degree angle. This will be the case for most corner cuts necessary. This is simple to do on a miter saw. Simply squeeze the angle knob until the right angle is placed, and tighten it up again.

Fencing and Firmness

The key to cutting crown molding with a miter saw is to make sure the crown molding is against the fence and firmly held in place. Most miter saws will have an adjustable fence to accommodate different angles. Holding the molding firmly in place will not only help you cut a tight angle, but can prevent you from injuring yourself if the molding kicks back.

Practice First

You will want to get a few extra pieces of molding to make practice cuts on. This will help you determine the best way to get the angles you need without wasting any good crown molding.

Crown molding is a job that almost anyone can accomplish. To have a professional look using a miter saw is necessary. As long as you follow basic guidelines you can achieve a professional look without the professional expense.