3 Key Elements to Successful Bathroom Floor Plans

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Bathroom floor plans are essential when remodeling or making additions. If you plan to remodel your bathroom,account for the following fundamental elements of a floor plan.


All floor plans are designed on a scale. The plan should describe the scale, which means it should use a particular measurement of distance. This point is important when reviewing the plan because it will show you every aspect of the bathroom's dimensions. It allows you to see where you can make changes and how those changes will affect the dimensions of the rest of the bathroom.

Doorways and Windows

A common issue to sort for a bathroom floor plan is whether the sink or counter will obstruct a doorway. Check the plan carefully to ensure that there is enough room for the door to fully open.

Window placement is also important to consider. If you have an existing window, work around it and incorporate your additions with it in mind. Should you overlook the existing window, you may place something too close that will ruin function of the bathroom.

Cabinet Space

Ensure that there is adequate space to open and close your cabinets. This aspect is often overlooked, and can present storage problems for your bathroom. With cabinet space included, you'll be able to make other additions without worrying whether the cabinets will get in the way.