3 Essential Drywall Sanding Tools 3 Essential Drywall Sanding Tools

Drywall sanding tools are a great way to prepare a drywall surface for a layer of paint or another form of decoration. There are many popular and different tools you can use, which are each designed for a different form of sanding. Hand sanding, wet sanding and pole sanding tools should all be considered.


The most popular hand sanding tool will be a piece of common sandpaper. The advantage of hand held sandpaper is that it allows you to attack small and stubborn areas directly. This will allow you to get a smooth finish in a difficult area, which a larger tool may miss.


A grinder is a commonly used wet sanding tool for drywall. A small and damp pad will be placed on the surface of the grinder, which will create a perfectly smooth finish over large areas of drywall. The dampness also allows grinding tools to be used for longer because they are being kept constantly cool.


A pole sanding tool will take the form of a long pole-brush. The pad on the end of the pole will be a fine and strong piece of sandpaper. The long pole allows you to reach difficult areas of drywall and sand them to a smooth finish.

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