3 Essential Drywall Tools and Their Proper Use 3 Essential Drywall Tools and Their Proper Use

Many home construction projects will include the installation of drywall, which will make it necessary to make use of drywall tools. In order to ensure it is fitted properly, it is prudent to be aware of the right tools to use and how to use them.

1 – Drywall Hammer

A drywall hammer is one of the main drywall tools essential for the task of fitting drywall. A drywall hammer differs from an average hammer used in construction work in that it is slimmer and longer. These are ideal to insert the thin nails needed for drywall.

2 – Fasteners

Nails are not the only way in which drywall can be fitted, as screws can also be used for the purpose. When this is the case, one of the drywall tools needed will be a screw gun. This will enable you to insert screws where necessary to secure the drywall.

3 – Utility Knife

Drywall tools are necessary to cut the drywall to size, which can be undertaken with a utility knife. Accuracy during this task can be achieved with the help of a T-square or a straightedge. Being able to replace the blade when it is necessary will ensure that it can always create a precise edge.

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