3 Essential PEX Plumbing Supplies 3 Essential PEX Plumbing Supplies

PEX plumbing supplies are successfully competing with copper applications in the plumbing industry because of the many benefits PEX offers. The labor required to install PEX plumbing is not as intensive, because they're easier to install. They also cost less. When installing PEX, you'll need 3 essential supplies:

1 - PEX Tubing

PEX tubing is available in a variety of colors, such as white, blue and red. The tubes are mainly used for hot and cold water distribution. They are also popular for hydronic heating applications. Many models have a maximum 160 psi and a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

2 - Clamps

Most jobs will require you to use clamps. They come in many sizes, as small as three-eighth inches and as large as one inch. You can use them on many different sized PEX tubing. However, some may not be compatible with certain types of PEX tubing. Before you buy clamps or other PEX plumbing supplies, it's important to research the compatibility of tools and connections, if you're buying them from different sources.

3 - PEX Fittings

You'll need PEX fittings to connect one PEX to another PEX, or to connect a PEX to some other material or to a manifold. Some fittings are designed to make quick connections, while others focus on simple installation. You can also buy elbow fittings to install PEX tubing around corners.

You may need other PEX plumbing supplies to complete the job, but these are the most essential ones.

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