3 Exhaust Pipe Repair Tips

Exhaust pipe repair is needed when the exhaust pipe breaks or deteriorates due to corrosion. Since the exhaust pipe is an exposed part, it will be affected by weather elements such as heat, rain, humidity and oxidation. The constantly changing temperatures will cause the pipe material to expand and constrict rapidly and this causes stress in the material. Repeated stresses will wear out the pipe over time, and sometimes the pipe may tear up. You can choose to repair the pipe yourself or you can go the nearest auto repair shop. If you are not familiar with exhaust pipe repairs, then you should consult a repair technician. A repair technician will know what to do and will save you a lot of headaches as well as money. The risk of doing the repair yourself is that you may cause further damage if you do not know what you are doing. If you are determined to do the repairs yourself, then you should at least buy a repair kit. This kit contains all the instructions for repairing an exhaust pipe.

When you are repairing an exhaust pipe, here are things to consider:

Know the Exhaust Pipe System

The exhaust pipe is connected to other parts of the exhaust system. There are four parts in the exhaust system and these are the tail pipe, muffler, catalytic converter and exhaust manifold. The exhaust pipe terminates at the exhaust manifold and is attached to the manifold by a gasket/flange joint. Steel bolts and brass nuts are used to keep the flanges together.

The exhaust pipe is connected to the muffler. The catalytic converter is located halfway between the exhaust manifold and muffler. The catalytic converter is connected to the exhaust pipe by means of slip joints and clamps.

Buy Replacements

To replace some parts of your exhaust system, you should buy the parts at the auto parts shop. The auto parts shop sells parts for many types of vehicles and you should buy those that are suitable for your vehicle.

You can take your car to the repair shop because they have advanced equipment for making and replacing exhaust pipes. They will replace parts for any type of vehicle. If you do not have the money for this service, you can get a repair kit from hardware store or auto shop. Meanwhile, you might be waiting for the arrival of your ordered parts if they are not found locally.

Dismantle the Damaged Exhaust Pipe

When the parts arrive, you should drive your vehicle over a mechanical repair ramp. This is a two track platform that allows mechanics to access the bottom of the vehicle. Dismantle the exhaust pipe by separating the flange joints near the exhaust manifold. Open the clamps at the end of the catalytic converter. When the clamp bolts are so tight, you should pour some oil or other agent to loosen the bolts. When the pipe is loose, remove it from the joints close to the end of the catalytic converter. When the pipe has been dismantled, you can install a new exhaust pipe. Installing the new pipe will be easy. Repeat the same when you are dismantling the pipe between the muffler and catalytic converter.