3 Exterior Window Molding Styles 3 Exterior Window Molding Styles

There are a number of different exterior window molding styles, and the type that you choose could be dependant upon the decoration of your house, the architecture of the exterior, or your own personal preferences. When it comes to choosing the exterior window molding style which suits your home, the options are endless. Understanding some of the different designs will help you make the right choice for your home.


The traditional exterior window molding style is the most popular and also the most adaptable to the different architecture of your home. This molding has a crown cut, which is designed to compliment most window frames and fit it onto your baseboard molding. In order to accentuate this traditional form of window molding, you should look for stains and shapes which suit your home.

Arts and Crafts

A very popular movement in the 1900's, the Arts and Crafts movement focused upon hand-made quality goods. This style of molding, sometimes also known as Craftsman, can be wider than the usual exterior window molding, and often features very simply patterns. You may see plinth or rosette shapes around the corners of the molding.


Victorian features for molding can include hand crafted inlays or carved rope patterns. These suit very traditional curtain designs.

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