3 Faux Wainscoting Ideas

If you are looking for ways to improve the appearance of your home, then faux wainscoting is one way in which you can add class without having to do too much home improvement. Previously, this type of improvement needed to be fitted by a professional, as it was a complicated job, but as home improvement has grown, so more and more ways of adding faux wainscoting to a room have been invented.

1 - Painting Faux Wainscoting

One way of working with faux wainscoting is to apply it using paints. This type of wainscoting looks very impressive from a distance, although people may be less fooled closer to the wall. In order to apply this type of wainscoting, you can add a band of colored paint around the edge of the room.

2 - Wallpaper Faux Wainscoting

A common way of applying faux wainscoting to a room is to use a strip of wallpaper. This type of wainscoting is now available in a strip, and you can use it to either go on top of a different wallpaper, or even over the top of paint.

3 - Panel Faux Wainscoting

This is the most difficult type of faux wainscoting to apply, and may require a lot of work. It is usually available from local hardware or home improvement stores.