3 Flower Bed Fence Ideas 3 Flower Bed Fence Ideas

A flower bed fence can be constructed from a wide variety of materials. Whether you wish to create a classy and clean look or you prefer a creative and eccentric barrier, this article will help you decide what material to use to make your flower bed fence by detailing three popular choices.


Idea #1 - Recycle Old Glass Bottles to Make a Border

Glass bottles of identical size and color—unless you like a miss-matched look— make a unique fence that is both attractive and environmentally friendly. Depending upon how many bottles you have to use, you may consider making a design within your fence by employing several colors of glass.

To create a glass bottle flower bed fence begin by collecting wine, beer, or soda bottles. You will need enough bottles to span the perimeter of the flower bed stacked at least two bottles high. It is best to stack your fence four or five bottles high because the higher barrier protects from erosion and creates more space for your flowers roots.

Use a mortar or an epoxy to glue together your selected bottles; when the adhesive is completely dry you will be left with an impassable garden boarder.


Idea #2 - Use Natural Stone

At most home improvement stores, there is an abundance of different stones for sale all in various colors, shapes and sizes. The best garden fences are constructed out of those stones which have been cut approximately 2 inches thick and are sanded smooth on either side. These rocks may be horizontally stacked in layers to make a fence, or they can be cemented vertically around the perimeter of your flower beds to make an attractive and natural looking fence.

If you live on a property with an abundance of rocks you may consider using the stones as a fence for your flower beds. You may consider using a power washer or hand washing the rocks before setting them in your garden; removing any unattractive dirt buildup. If the thought of using rocks from your own yard is appealing, consider making stackable cement blocks out of the rocks and dry cement.


Idea #3 - Go Traditional with a White Picket Fence

The image of a white picket fence is frequently associated with positive emotions and sophisticated taste. Using a white picket fence to boarder a flower bed accentuates the flowers by contrasting the blossoms beauty against the fence’s whiteness.

Almost all home improvement stores carry pieces of picket fence which range in height from one to six feet tall. These pieces are later assembled into a cohesive and elegant boarder; only requiring a hammer, nails and a little bit of paint.

It is important to choose a fence that will not overwhelm your flower garden. The appropriate height will vary depending upon what kind of flowers you attend to in your flower bed. However, 2 feet tall is generally a suitable height which allows both the fence and flowers to be admired.

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