3 French Country Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

kitchen with drop lights and dark cabinets
  • 1-80 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-25,000

French country design is one of the most sought after designs for homeowners. The décor inspires a feeling of warmth and comfort. You can get as creative as you can spend as when you remodel with a French country look. Here are just a few ideas you can incorporate.

1. Dark Woods

Dark wood for the cabinetry and tables is a very French country design element. You can find great deals by shopping at antique stores or stores that specialize in up-cycling. A stressed look is ok with these, so if you find cabinets with flaws they will still work for you.

2. Bright Reds

Many French country kitchens will use light or bleached cabinets, light colored flooring, and deep red accents for the wall paint or tile. This will give the kitchen that rich French look without taking away from the countryside comfort.

3. Natural Lighting

If you have large windows in your kitchen, don’t cover them up. Instead use sheer panels or nothing at all to allow as much natural light in as possible. If you are doing a complete remodel consider using skylights.

A French country kitchen will give a cozy feeling to any kitchen. Those in your home will love to congregate in it to take in the warmth and comfort they can bring.