3 Fun And Easy Foam Board Projects For Kids

Foam board is an easy material to work with, especially for craft projects. It is sturdy enough to be used as walls in a fort, but it is also easily cut, shaped and glued. One of the most common uses for foam board is to display projects, whether at school or during a work meeting. The material is ideal for supporting photographs, charts and documents, while its strength allows it to bear the weight of minor objects. For kids, the sky is the limit with foam board. Here are 3 simple ideas for crafts with children.

Homemade Puzzle

To make a puzzle, start with a rectangular piece of foam board. With a pencil, trace out shapes that cover the whole side of the board. These will be the puzzle pieces. Make sure they are made so they will lock together when assembled. With an X-acto knife, carefully score the lines, not trying to cut through the board at first. Once scored, go over them again to fully sever the foam and the bottom layer of paper. Put the pieces together and let the kids paint an image over the top. You can use both acrylics or watercolors. Due to the risk of cuts with the razor, the cutting should only be done by an adult.

Kid-Size Fort

Making a kid-size fort or house is possible with foam board, although it will require several full-size pieces, gluing the joints and some creative assembly. Think of it like building a house of cards. Start with the sides of the fort/house, making sure to cut out the windows before you erect the walls.


If you are using a piece of cardboard or some other material for the base, start by gluing two walls together at their ends at 90°. Run a bead of glue over the entire joint. Then glue to two sides to the base with a continuous bead of glue along the bottom edge. From there you can add walls to increase the fort’s size. It is possible to cut the edge of foam board at an angle to make a six or eight-sided fort. Leave room for a door, and either make the top with crenellations to resemble a castle or use more foam board to make a roof. 


3-D structures can be built at a much smaller scale too. Cutting the foam board into smaller pieces, scaled-down castles, houses and other structures are fun for kids to make. Giving kids the basic idea of what needs to be included, set them free with a variety of pieces and kid-safe glue to build whatever shape structure suits their fancy. Older kids can follow templates to build something specific. After the kids complete the structure, painting it is just as fun. 

Foam board is very easy to work with and holds its shape extremely well. If you use a razor to score and cut foam board, make sure you do it for the kids if they are not old enough to handle such a tool safely. Making sure to safely cut it and join pieces with non-toxic glue, you can include foam board in craft projects for almost unlimited creations.