3 Garage Ceiling Bike Rack Ideas

Storing bikes on or from your garage ceiling is a great way to use your space and come up with different storage solutions. Below are several different ideas on garage bike rack installation.

Ceiling Rungs

Ceiling hoists or rungs are probably one of the best known type of ceiling racks in the garage. You can simply attach the simple rungs (they look like hooks) to the ceiling joists and hang your bike from the hooks upside down. Add a row of rungs and you can attach multiple bikes.


You can also build a bike track that will mount to your garage ceiling. The wheels lock inside the track system and will sit upside down from your ceiling.

Hoist and Lift Pulley

A hoist and lift pulley is another great option for storing your bike away on your garage ceiling. This type of system is usually equipped to come with the following parts:

  • Clamps
  • Nylon cord
  • Wheel pulleys (friction)
  • A set of screws
  • Fixing plates
  • Hoist system
  • Locking system on the pulley

The pulley system is used to lift your bike up towards the ceiling and lock it in place out of the way from your cars and other items when it's not in use.