3 Great Kitchen Floor Tile Design Ideas 3 Great Kitchen Floor Tile Design Ideas

A kitchen floor tile can come in many designs and when it comes to planning the flooring in your kitchen there are many options. The choices can seem endless and it is a very confusing process to pick what you believe will be the best design for your kitchen floor. It is hard enough to actually lay the floor tiles in your kitchen, but can be even harder to find the right design for your needs. You can really make it into a work of art and look very elegant with the right direction. You may want something that really shows off the kitchen or something that is just basic and functional. The kitchen is not always somewhere to cook but can sometimes be somewhere where people eat and gather too. It is important that you get the design right so that the kitchen has the most appeal. 

1 - Classic Checkerboard Design

The design whereby you place down tiles that are exactly the same size and style, but putting 2 different colors next to each other is known as a checkerboard design. It is an old style, but one that has remained popular even to this day as it is so simple. If you want to get the look or an old style diner then you should go with black and white tiles. Alternatively, you could go with two colors that match the paint on the wall. The tiles should not be too large and can be adjusted or moved slightly depending on how your want the checkerboard effect to look in regards to grouping.    

2 - Mix Finishes of Tiles

Another idea for the design of your kitchen floor can be to use tiles that are same colors but have different textures or finishes. You can go with varying types of finish for your tiles from high gloss or semi gloss ones. Also, there are those that are just flat in texture and plain. The thing is with tiles with different textures, they will all reflect light in a different way. This means that as light hits the floor of your kitchen floor you will get a subtle design and it will look pretty elegant. Additionally it will certainly bring the floor to life and look more interesting. It is possible to create a fairly impressive look. The great thing about this design is that it will never overwhelm you when you walk into the kitchen as some designs can.

3 - Mix Sizes of Tiles

Most of the time you will use tiles that are the same size as each other. However, if you want a unique design then you should mix up the different sizes and colors. This will help to create a more random, interesting look for your floor. This design is best employed on kitchen floors that are smaller in size. It is useful to try this first in a store to make sure that the design looks okay as it is one that doesn’t always work with all kitchens. Additionally you have to ensure that all the tiles of varying sizes fit together perfectly and look professional. 



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