3 Great Materials for Garage Insulation

A garage.

There are at least three great materials for garage insulation. Garage insulation provides your garage with protection against the cold temperatures, making your garage more energy efficient. This can also help keep your car and other garage stored items warmer and easier to deal with on a cold winter’s day.

The 3 Types of Garage Insulation

The three great materials for garage insulation includes foil insulation, panel foam insulation, and fiberglass insulation. Each of these insulating materials have their specific advantages and should be considered if you decide the undertake the task of insulating your garage. Fiberglass has better insulation properties than other types of materials used.

Types of Insulation Compared

Foil insulation has an insulating R value of between five and six (depending on whether it is a single foil or double foil insulating material). It can be used in both residential and commercial garages and can cost more than the other types of insulation. Panel foam has an R insulating value of also around 5 and is best used with residential garages. It is usually not recommended for use with commercial garages.

When choosing between foil, panel, and foam insulation, ask a retailer for information about the material that works best for the climate zone you live in.