3 Great Pocket Door Hardware Options to Consider 3 Great Pocket Door Hardware Options to Consider

Pocket door hardware can help you add style and color to a simple and plain door. Pocket doors are a nice and practical alternative to swinging doors since they save quite a lot of space, but they are very plain. Choosing some pocket door hardware products can completely change the style and motif of your door. Here are some options you can consider:

Door Pulls

Depending on the style of your door, you can choose among a wide variety of door pulls, ranging from simple designs to cast wax, ornate designs. If you wish to complement a classic door, you can choose an antique brass pull, or a rubbed bronze pull. For a more modern look you can choose a nickel or matte pull that will accentuate the modern style of the door.


Typically you should choose the same type of door knob to match the pull you have chosen. You should choose the same finish for the knob set so that you tie-in the same look more effectively.

Pocket Door Locks


You can always choose to buy pocket door pulls with a lockset; in this case, you can choose among the polished brass kits for a classic or European style or aluminum sets that will give a more modern look to the door. Kits might be more affordable than buying the different pocket door hardware products separately.

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