3 Harmless Pesticides for Organic Soil

Organic Soil is free of chemically produced pesticides and herbicides but protecting the plants from invasive insects is still important. There are many organic products that can be used without worrying about an environmental repercussions.

Pesticide #1: Planted Repellents

Marigolds are one way to reduce insects in the garden. Planting mint around the area will repel insects as well. Many types of plants are recognized for repellent or pesticidal uses, including pepper plants, garlic, and other spices.

Pesticide #2: Herbal Sprays

Herbal sprays are made from plant and insect extracts and can be applied directly to plants and vegetables. They work by repulsing insects away from the area. Be warned, however, that these products often have very obnoxious odors. They are known to be very effective, but you probably won't want to sniff the blooms they have been applied to.

Pesticide #3: Neem Oil

Neem oil is recognized as an insect repellent and can be used on organic crops. As with herbal sprays, Neem oil does not kill insects, but repels them. Similar treatments are available with a variety of citrus oils, such as the widely used lawn insect repellent, citronella. Many different formulas have been shown to work and you simply need to make sure that no artificial chemicals have been added for increased performance.