3 Homemade Devices Using Hydroelectricity

Throughout the twentieth century, mankind has been able to take advantage of all the natural energy resources that surround us— hydroelectricity being one of the most important. Hydro-power is the oldest elemental powering system and people have used water to create power for almost half a millennia. We live on a world where modern existence is highly centralized around the planet's high water content, with water still fueling the livelihood of many millions of people worldwide. Now, if you live near a fast-flowing stream or other water source, you may be interested in producing your very own home-made hydroelectric devices. 

Hydroelectric Hydroponics System

If you do live within the vicinity of a fast-flowing stream, it is likely that you enjoy a lot of time in your garden, growing plants and flowers. Why not use the calming flow of your river in order to produce plants that are healthier and larger, using a homemade hydroelectric hydroponics system? By creating a relatively simple watering system you will be able to concentrate on uniformity of your crops and it will remove a lot of worries associated with growing anything up to extremely large amounts of plants. All it requires is a series of long plantation recepticles and some plastic tubing to set out the route of the water filtration system. 

Hydroelectric Generator

Aside from the benefits of having a hydroponics system that runs on hydroelectricity, there is an even bigger hydroelectric attraction known as the hydroelectric generator—a comparatively inexpensive contraption that allows you to supply at least a portion of your household electrical expenditure from surrounding water sources for free. You will only need a few materials—namely a wheel of significant size, some tubing, an alternator and a pipe. The size of the wheel is directly relative to the amount of head and flow your local water source produces. The harder the head and flow, the larger the wheel used must be. Following on from this, higher gears must be used to make the alternator spin at higher flow rates. You will be able to use this generator to charge up battery packs, charge electric cars and feed free power into your household. 

Future of Homemade Hydroelectric Devices

With families building their own hydroelectric dams in their back garden and DIY scientists constantly creating new micro-sized hydro-generators, it certainly looks like the future of hydroelectricity is a bright one. As more and more Americans realise the possible dangers of pollution and global warming, we seem to be looking back to our ancestors in our ever-growing use of more environmentally-friendly power sources.

There are households all over America who now operate in a partial or fully off-the-grid fashion. This means that they generate a fraction to all of their electricity in environmentally-friendly ways such as hydroelectricity, solar power and wind-generated energy. It is now easier than ever to save some vital money on energy bills and expensive electrical goods, with guides such as this available for all the green living information you could ever need!