3 Hot Tub Deck Designs that Increase Child Safety

If you have children or pets, you should consider hot tub deck designs that promote safety. There are several designs that will look great while naturally protecting your pets and children from playing in a dangerous area unattended.

1. Gazebo Styles

If you want your hot tub to stand alone on your deck, consider a gazebo. You can choose a partially enclosed gazebo that has a locking gate for maximum safety. This way children can't just wander in to the area without someone to help them unlock the gate. Older children may be able to jump over the side walls, so just keep this in mind.

2. Raised Hot Tubs

If you have the option of creating a multi or split level deck, hot tub safety will be simple. You can have the hot tub placed in a raised area, and gate off access to the level. Children can have a play area on a lower level to avoid enticing them to the hot tub. Having the hot tub not sunken in to the deck will add another level of safety to the design.

3. Screened Hot Tubs

A screened in area on the patio will be similar to a sunroom, without the glass walls to raise the temperature. If you build an enclosed area and use a screen, a child would need to open a locked door to gain access. This will also offer more privacy for your hot tub.