Ideas for Carpeting a Basement


Carpeting your basement is a good idea if you want to provide more living space for your family; however, before you head to the shop, think of your project and the space you will be creating.

Carpeting for a Kid's Playroom

If you intend to turn the basement into a kid's playroom, you should lay either a carpet or carpet tiles. The floor will be soft and warm enough for kids to sit around, and the whole place will look nice and comfortable. The highest quality carpet tiles are expensive, but they are easy to keep clean. It is best to buy some extra tiles in case you need to replace on later.

Installing Carpet Tiles

Make sure that the floor area is flat and clean. You can install carpet tiles on top of hard flooring or a subfloor; however, placing them over another carpet is not recommended. Find the center of the basement floor by snapping chalk lines from one corner to its opposite corner. Repeat with the other two corners. The center lies where both diagonals cross.

Locate the centers of the walls and connect the midpoints of the walls that face one another. Apply carpet tape over all chalk lines as well as the perimeter or the room. Start placing the carpet tiles; lay them from the center of one wall to the center of another. You may need to cut some of the tiles so that they fit nicely at the edges. When you have placed all of the tiles, clear away the paper backing, sticking the tiles in place.

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet for a Game Room

If you plan to turn your basement into a game room, you will normally expect high traffic. Your kids’ friends and neighborhood children are likely to frequent your place. In this case, another option is to install indoor/outdoor carpet, which cleans easily and withstands high traffic.

Remove all doors that may swing over your carpeting project. Place double-face tape around the rooms’ edges. Use the tape to make a 6x6-inch “X” over the floor every 2-feet. Lay the carpet and center it. Fold the indoor/outdoor carpet on one side in half and remove the tape’s protective paper. Fold the carpet back and do the same with its other half. Remove any excess carpet and ensure that the carpet adheres by walking along its edges. Now, you can re-hang the doors.

Relaxing Place for Grown Ups

If you plan to turn your basement into an entertainment room with a more relaxed atmosphere, you might consider placing a more comfortable and softer carpet. Consider plush carpet, which will make your basement nice and cozy. With some recreational items and comfortable seating, you will have the perfect place to relax.