3 Ideas for Decorating Your Garden Fence Panels

Decorating your garden fence panels with climbing vines, painted artwork or hanging plant baskets is the perfect way to distinguish your space. By embellishing your garden fence panels with artwork or flowers you are personalizing your area and adding an aesthetic appeal that is unique from any other. This article highlights the best way to decorate your garden fence panels in an attempt to inspire you to look at your garden space more imaginatively.


1. Climbing Vines

Using your fence panels as scaffolding for a climbing vine will quickly transform your fence into an attractive wall of foliage. Plant several seedlings of any species of climbing vine at the base of your fence line and allow them to grow freely until they can be trained. Treat your fence in the same manner as a trellis by using whatever space you can for training the new growth of your vines. If you continue to train the vines to grow up the fence for several seasons you will be rewarded by a beautiful wall of mystical foliage.


2. Hanging Basket Plants

Placing a hanging basket full of flowers on each of your fence posts is a classy way to decorate your fence panels. You may chose to fill your hanging baskets with beautiful annual flowers or populate them with a mass of hanging foliage. Planting bulbs in your hanging basket is another option worthy of consideration. Planting bulbs in the hanging baskets cuts down on how much time you have to spend maintain the baskets because they will bloom annually.

3. Painted Artwork

Hiring a local artist to paint a mural on a fence transforms any ordinary fence into a magical piece of contemporary art. If you do not have the resources to commission a professional artist, you can still use your own artistic skill to decorate the fence. If the thought of painting your fence is intimidating, consider the fact that you can use stencils to create an array of designs.

You can use stencils to create a cohesive wall painting or use them to add subtle embellishments. Instead of attempting a full scale mural, you can tastefully decorate your fence panels with a series of images using only one or two stencils. Consider coloring in a unique stencil on each of your fence panels at a height which can be seen above your garden plants.

You can use stencils and a tape measurer to perfectly create almost any image you wish. Using this method, you could decorate your fence over and over again by painting over your old creations. This option allows you to spend more time outside of the house being creative in your yard.