3 Ideas For Designing a Spanish Rooftop Deck 3 Ideas For Designing a Spanish Rooftop Deck

rooftop deck can be a lot of fun to design. Once you have decided what type of design you wish to go with, it is up to you to see how far you want to go with the actual design look itself. There are several different ways for you to go about creating a Spanish rooftop deck. Be sure to look around and do your homework to be sure that you are going to be completely happy with the type of design that you end up settling on.


It is important to keep your own home roof in mind, especially if they are adjoining. You will want your roofs to complement each other, or at least look good together. Be sure that the design that you pick will go well with your own home décor. There are several different types of designs that you can go with that are of the Spanish décor, just be sure that you go over all of them to make sure that you get the best one to go with your own home’s roof.

Clay Tiles Vs Metal

It is assumed that you will want your rooftop deck to last as long as possible. It is important that the type that you pick is one that you can rely on for as long as possible. Clay tiles tend to be the more expensive option and do not tend to last as long as a metal roof will. However, clay tiles do tend to look more authentic and can provide you with the Spanish rooftop look much more than a metal rooftop can. Although with the right layout, a metal rooftop can very much have a Spanish feel. You will need to think about the location that you are in, in areas where the sun is harsher, the clay tiles will have more trouble lasting. Also think about the overall weather conditions, if your area suffers from adverse weather conditions then you will of course need to keep this in mind whenever you are looking for the type of rooftop that you wish to put on your deck.

Other Roof Tiles

If you are wanting to look through a large selection of finishes and patterns, then you should definitely consider looking at both ceramic as well as concrete roof tiles. These types of tiles are long lasting and very durable. Plastic and tile metal roof tiles are very hard to break. They do well with a moisture absorption rate that is low. You can usually expect these types of tiles to last up to seventy five years. As long as these types of tiles are used under normal conditions with little adverse weather conditions, you can expect to have to worry about a lot of maintenance.

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