3 Ideas for Earth Science Projects

Earth science projects can encompass any scientific exploration of phenomena associated with the earth which includes the ocean, the atmosphere, the biosphere and the formation of the earth itself. A few ideas to consider when putting together earth science projects include:

1. Tracking the Accuracy of Weather Forecasts

One of the earth science projects that doesn't involve as much physical experimentation is tracking the accuracy of long-term weather forecasts. Keeping a record of the ten-day forecasts as they evolve and measuring the actual temperature and weather conditions at the later date can provide a basis for a project researching why weather forecasts are or are not that accurate.

2. Water Absorption in Soil

Measuring the rate of water absorption in soil can provide another basis for earth science projects. Purchase different varieties of soil and plant them in clear containers. Pour the same amount of water at the same time each day and take measurements of the moisture level in the soil at several intervals throughout the day.

3. Measure Size and Frequency of Waves

If you live near a beach and the weather is clement, you can make a science project out of measuring the size and frequency of waves. Count the number of waves from a certain point that occur in a specified amount of time, such as thirty seconds or one minute. Measure the waves by how far they appear to come up according to your height.