3 Ideas for Recycling a Cracked Glass Block

If you find you need to replace cracked glass block in your home, try recycling it. Here are 3 ideas for reusing a cracked glass block.

1.  Christmas Decoration

Place Christmas lights inside of the glass block. The cracks will actually add more sparkle. If you want to add more to the decoration, add other decorations around the bottom outside of the glass block, such as holly or poinsettias. This is a décor idea that works well in small spaces, such as a bathroom or bedroom.This idea can be used outdoors as well, as long as you're using lights made for outdoor use.

2.  Lamp

Repurpose a glass block by adding a light kit, found at any hardware or home improvement store. You can add a decal on the outside of the block, like your favorite sports team or some flowers and hearts. Turn the block upside down and seat it on the light kit. You can use a colored bulb in the lamp kit if you want to use it for a subtle light.

3.  Garden Decor

For an added splash of color in your flowerbeds or garden, paint the inside of the glass block with bright colors. Place it on the ground, open side down. Try using bright colors to make it really stand out.