3 Ideas for Using Half Round Molding

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You may consider half round molding as plain compared to crown molding or other types of molding. However, there are certain uses for half round molding that will make your projects sparkle.

  1. Cabinet Trim

You can liven up undecorated kitchen and bathroom cabinets with half round molding. Frame the perimeter of cabinet doors with half round molding before repainting them. For an ultra-sophisticated look, use rope molding - another type of half round molding.

  1. Shelf Trim

Most of us have a plain shelf or two somewhere in our homes. Give those dull shelves a lift by adding half round molding along the edges. This gives the shelves a neat, finished look.

  1. Faux Picture Frame

Do you have an unadorned wall in your home but have no idea how to decorate it? Consider using half round molding to create a large frame on the wall. Try using two or three side-by-side runs of half round molding; use more for an elaborate look. On the wall, arrange the molding in the shape of a picture frame. Then, hang various smaller, framed pictures within the large half round molding frame. This creates an instant art gallery.

There are many uses for half round molding. Your imagination is the limit.