3 Ideas to Cover an Old Linoleum Kitchen Floor

Covering up a linoleum kitchen floor can be very simple when you have the right research and information guide. Below are few ideas to do this.

1. Painting

Painting is a great and inexpensive way of covering up linoleum kitchen floor. If there are any rough edges of bumps in the kitchen floor sand them down prior to painting. Choose the color you want to use to paint your floor. Cover your floor with two coats of paint or until the entire floor is well covered and there you have it, a new floor in one easy step.

2. Luan Sheeting

Luan sheeting can be used to cover up a linoleum kitchen floor. Simply place the luan sheeting over the floor and secure it. Once the sheeting is down you will be able to replace the linoleum kitchen floor with the material of your choice.

3. Rubber Flooring

Rather than remove your linoleum kitchen floor your can simply cover it up. Rubber flooring is a great way of doing this. Measure your kitchen floor and identify the amount of rubber you need. Purchase the rubber of your choice and cut it to size. Lay your rubber over the linoleum kitchen floor and you will have a new floor in minutes. The rubber shouldn’t need to be secured as it is heavy. That will keep the rubber flat on the floor.