3 Instances When Reupholstering Furniture is More Wise than Buying New

Reupholstering furniture involves more than just adding a new covering of fabric. A good reupholstery job can include adding updated parts such as cushions, different trim, and even newer chair or sofa legs. Having an older piece of furniture reupholstered can save a good deal of money over buying a new one, though you do have to consider the original quality of the piece. A reupholstery project is also the better choice when your furniture piece has a good deal of style versatility and it could simply use a more contemporary look to match the rest of the room.

Built to Last

If you have an old chair or sofa that has been around for years and stood up well to wear and tear, you know that it was made with high quality construction and craftsmanship, usually not found when it comes to today's furniture. New upholstery will give it an updated look, and you can easily replace details such as sofa arms or a chair skirt without worrying about compromising any structural integrity. You can also add padding to exposed wood chair arms at the same time for more comfort.

Look around at interior design catalogues, magazines, and furniture showrooms, for examples of classic furniture that has been updated for the twenty-first century. If you would like to keep your favorite chair or sofa, but feel it could be more comfortable, you can also have better cushioning added along with the new fabric covering.

Fabric and Design Options

Adding new fabric to your favorite piece of older furniture almost feels like having a new one, for a fraction of the cost. Furniture that is made with simple and clean lines has the most versatility, in terms being updated to match the rest of the room decor. Consider replacing outdated chair arms and legs with more modern designs. Stay away from ruffled floor skirts as a general rule, unless they match the rest of the room theme. It is also a good idea to try different swatches of fabric, to help you pick the one that will work best.

If the room and furniture have easily coordinated colors, you have more to choose from when it comes to deciding on your new upholstery fabric, trim, and throw pillows, if you plan on adding those. Once you have decided on the color and design you want, purchase enough so that you will have extra to eventually replace the new upholstery when it wears out. This way, you do not run the chance of not being able to find it in stock again. Alternately, you can use the extra fabric to make a slipcover as well.

Updating Touches

If your chair or sofa to be reupholstered has a structural frame that is out of date style wise, you can camouflage the frame with a couple of simple tricks. When you are selecting fabric for the new upholstery, consider having some throw pillows made at the same time from the same or coordinating fabric. Also, consider adding new trim, such as cording at the furniture seams if the upholstery stitching easily allows it.