3 Issues with Fireclay Sinks

If you want to install an impressive accessory in your kitchen, then you might want to try adding some fireclay sinks. These types of sinks are made from a simple clay mold, which is then fired at a very high temperature. This causes the glaze around the clay to combine with the clay, making a very strong material that is ideal for use in sinks. However, despite this positive information, fireclay sinks are not always without issues.


The severest issue with fireclay sinks is the cost of them. They can sometimes run into thousands of pounds, so if you want more than one, or you want a very large one, then you can expect to pay a premium. Despite this cost, however, they are long-term investments, which means that you won't have to pay again for decades.


Another problem is that the clay molds are frequently made with flat bottoms, which leaves the material prone to collecting water spots, and stains from liquid food gathering in the bottom of the sink.

Chips and Heat Damage

Two other problems are chips, which means that you have to purchase a repair kit, and heat damage, which is caused by placing hot dishes or pans into the sink.