3 Lesser Known Uses for a Tape Measure

Tape measures can be used for in a variety of projects aside from their intended uses. Here are just a few things that tape measures can be used for.

1. Weighting Objects
Since a tape measure is heavier on the end because of the casing, you can use the tape measure when you are hanging curtains or pictures. You can use the tape measure to hang from the drapes or pictures to level. This will help you to determine exactly where you need to place additional nails or screws.

2. Diet Tracking
Often when we are dieting the scale alone won’t give us an accurate measure of success. It’s possible to lose inches without losing much weight. You can use a tape measure in conjunction with the scale to give you an overall picture of your trends.

3. Chalking Without a Chalk Line

In a pinch you can use a tape measure instead of a chalk line when it’s necessary. The problem with this method is that it will generally require two people. You will need one person to measure and another to mark without losing the level. You can coat the tape measure with chalk if you have any, but this also takes longer and can be very messy.