3 Low Voltage Deck Light Options 3 Low Voltage Deck Light Options

Installing a deck light is no longer just for adding to the aesthetic value of the house. Deck lighting has become an extremely functional fixture, as it helps illuminate dark spots and shaded areas and can thus help negate risks of lurking dangers and everyday accidents. Discussed below are 3 low voltage deck lighting options you can consider installing in your home to add a degree of safety and security to the surroundings, while also lending a touch of attractiveness to the area.

1. Low Voltage Accent Lights

Accent lights are used for serving the needs of down lighting and are typically placed on staircases, posts in the deck area and railings. They are meant to combat low shadows and dark spots that might otherwise seem hard to illuminate. These lights are most popularly used for lighting up stairs and can also be used to illuminate flower holders. If you have a trellis with seating, such as a bench, low voltage accent lights are good for lighting up the place without making it too bright.

2. Low Voltage Post Lights

Post lights are an excellent option if you want to illuminate a wide circular region. Since these kinds of deck lights are mounted on posts, they throw light in a 360 degree arc around the central pole. If you wish to specifically highlight the entrance to the house or want to light up the entire deck you should consider purchasing a low voltage post light. While having a post light installed at the deck, make sure it is higher than the eye level when one is seated. A direct light shining into the eyes can make for an uncomfortable choice ,and you should be able to lounge around on your deck without the light becoming too overpowering. If a house is still being built, experts recommend planning in advance and having the electrical wiring and holes drilled into the deck from the very beginning. This will help you save time and money on labor later. An elegant post light with an aesthetic lantern-type fixture can give the entrance of the home a very stately feel.

3. LED Deck Lights

Low voltage LED deck lights are extremely popular because they not only serve aesthetic and safety needs, but are also economically more suited for long-term use. LED deck lights are proven to have an extended lifespan when compared to a fluorescent or incandescent light bulb. An LED light bulb can give you anywhere between 50,000 hours and 100,000 hours of light. These lights are slightly more expensive to purchase, since they last much longer. Nonetheless, they are more durable and a more logical choice, as you will not have to change them for a number of years. These lights are also more environmentally sound, as they are more energy efficient and give off less heat to emit the same amount of light as compared to conventional bulbs.

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