3 Low-Light Houseplants to Consider 3 Low-Light Houseplants to Consider

Individuals who live in a space that doesn’t receive a lot of direct sunlight can purchase low-light houseplants that will thrive under the low light conditions. Owning a houseplant beautifies a home and simultaneously purifies the air, releasing clean oxygen to the environment. This article details three easy to grow low light houseplants that require low maintenance and, more importantly, low-light.

1 - Spider Plant

The Spider Plant has long been considered by gardeners as one of the easiest plants to grow. It can survive in low-light conditions and requires very little attention other than an infrequent watering. This plant grows attractive foliage that spews over the pot in a circular configuration.

    2 - Pothos Vine

    Pothos are a popular hanging basket plant that will survive under low-light conditions. Pothos will adapt to survive in almost any living condition and is an excellent first plant for people who are new to gardening. They may be trained to grow short and bushy, or long and vine-like.

    3 - Snake Plant

    The Snake Plant is another popular low-light and low maintenance houseplant. It gets its name from it’s long, pointed snake-like leaves that grow vertically out of the pot. This plant can produce foliage over 2 feet long, and requires very little water to thrive.

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