3 Mistakes to Avoid when Growing Palm Trees 3 Mistakes to Avoid when Growing Palm Trees

Growing palm trees is not a difficult job. It is important to understand that unless the tree is grown indoors, palm trees are not usually seen in climates which freeze often. However, palm trees grow well below the snow line and can be found in many soil types.

Mistake #1: Arid Soil

Many people think of growing palm trees as creating some sort of miniature desert. In truth, palm trees do not do well in arid soil and are more commonly found in low ground, often within feet of sea level.

Mistake #2: Sun and Shade

To grow palm trees does not always mean that you have to provide full sun. Many types of palm trees are more at home in partial shade instead, and won't be able to grow well without protection from direct sunlight.

Mistake #3: Bad Soil

Palm trees are not picky about the soil they grow in. They are generally associated with sandy soil, but will have a better root system if grown in a mixture of loam and sand. While a certain amount of clay is helpful, palm trees do not do well in soil with a high clay content.

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