3 Mistakes to Avoid when Hammering Out a Car Dent

Depending on the severity of a car dent, you may find it easier to repair the dents yourself rather than taking it to a garage. You will save time and money as long as you avoid mistakes like the three described here.

1 – Using Incorrect Tools

There are a range of tools that can be used to hammer out a car dent, many with household equivalents. However, specific hammers are  available for use on a car’s bodywork and one of these should be used instead of a common household hammer. A rounded hammer head will make the repair, and subsequent resurfacing work, easier to achieve.

2 – Making Direct Contact

In many cases, using the tools directly on the surface of the car will make the problem worse rather than improving it. Use some thick rags between the tool and the car dent to help soften the blows and push out the surface without causing more damage.  

3 – Painting without Sanding First

You will find that some resurfacing work may be necessary even after the car dent has been hammered out. This cannot simply be undertaken with the application of paint. The surface must be sanded before the undercoat and paint are applied.