3 Mistakes to Avoid when Painting Bathroom Tiles 3 Mistakes to Avoid when Painting Bathroom Tiles

Painting bathroom tiles is easy as long as your take your time. Here are a few things that you ought to avoid if you want to have a long lasting finished product.

1 - Bathroom Use

You need to avoid using the bathroom while it is being worked on. This may seem obvious, but if you don’t have another bathroom it may take some planning before you begin your project. The moisture produced by taking a shower will most certainly prevent effective paint application and drying. Plan on not using the bathroom for a full week.

2 - Clean, Clean, Clean

A mistake often made when painting bathroom tiles is a bad cleaning job before you start painting. If there is any mold or soap scum left on the painting surface the paint will not adhere. It may appear that the paint is going on fine, but the surface will not maintain its integrity for long if there is mold or mildew underneath it. Take an old toothbrush and scrub the grout thoroughly being sure to remove any loose grout.

3 - Use the Right Product

Do not use leftover paint for this project unless it is bathroom and kitchen paint. Oil primers work best, but there are also water-based paints that have a urethane resin that are effective. There are many adhesion primers on the market. To make the best use of any of these products, be sure to lightly sand and clean the tile before you paint it. It is not difficult to find products that are designed for use in a kitchen or bath and it is well worth the investment.

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