Mobile Home Floor Plans

Looking for mobile home floor plans can be confusing. Many homes have different specifications, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, size of the kitchen, and placement of rooms in relation to each other. Finding the right plan or manufacturer can prove challenging unless you have a particular style in mind.

One Bed, One Bath, Single Wide

The bedrooms should be at one end of the home while the living room and kitchen will be placed at the center of the home. The bathroom should be adjacent to a utility room. The kitchen will have a dining area for a table and chairs.

Three Bed, Two Bath, Single Wide

Ordinarily the master bedroom will be at one end of the home with an en suite bathroom. The other two bedrooms will be at the opposite end of the home and share a bathroom. Living and kitchen areas will be positioned in the center part of the home. The single wide will mean that all rooms are interconnecting.

Five Bed, Three Bath, Double Wide

The apex of luxury in a mobile home is the double wide. They can be manufactured with a family room, living room, and up to five bedrooms. Two bedroom will have an interconnecting bathroom. The master bedroom has an en suite bathroom with a shaped bath tub and twin sinks. A study or retreat room is also a design feature.