3 Modern Fireplace Mantle Designs Worth A Look 3 Modern Fireplace Mantle Designs Worth A Look

There are a lot of great fireplace mantle designs you can incorporate into the overall design of your fireplace that can make it stand out in any room. An attractive and classic look for your mantle, for example, can re-create the feel of a mid-century English manor right in your own home. There are different materials and designs you can use for your mantle, but three of the most popular are hardwood, granite and marble.

1. Hardwood

Choosing fireplace mantle designs that incorporate exotic hardwoods such as cherry, oak or walnut is the way to go if you’re looking for a country look and feel. These wood types have a beautiful natural finish that can be stained or just left as is, depending on your taste. There are several decorative edges that can also be added with a router if you desire: ogee and chamfered edges are two popular choices. These decorative edges can be combined with architectural elements such as corbel arches and dentil crown mouldings to create unique designs.

2. Granite

For homeowners looking for a stone mantle, selecting among the various granite colors is a wise choice. Granite offers a sturdy and maintenance-free alternative to hardwood fireplace mantle designs while still providing many of their architectural features. Many stone fabricators offer the same decorative edges that can be found on wood designs. There are also attractive chair rail mouldings and other accent stones that compliment the granite mantle design.

3. Marble

Marble fireplace mantle designs are a fantastic way to bring the style of a beautiful European villa to your home. There are numerous styles and colors to choose from when it comes to marble. Any local supplier will offer several styles with decorative edges similar to that of granite and hardwood mantles. Marble is an attractive choice for fireplace designs due to its durability and breathtaking appearance.

No matter which material you select, each one offers its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to incorporating them into your fireplace design. While granite and marble mantles require less maintenance, they are also more expensive than their wood counterparts.  They are also considerably more difficult to install than a hardwood mantle and usually require the services of a professional contractor.  Careful planning and research when comparing these three mantle designs will lead you to the perfect choice for your home.

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