3 Mosaic Glass Tile Cleaning Tips 3 Mosaic Glass Tile Cleaning Tips

If your home features a mosaic glass tile ceiling that's in need of a good cleaning, you should familiarize yourself with a few useful cleaning tips. Below are the best ways to ensure that your mosaic glass tile ceiling stays nice and clean.

Tip 1 - Use the Proper Cleaning Supplies

When cleaning your mosaic glass tile ceiling, it is important that you procure to proper cleaning supplies. For starters, you will need to combine a mixture of 50/50 water and white wine vinegar in a clean empty spray bottle. Additionally, you will need a soft-bristled scrub brush or an expendable toothbrush with which to scrub the ceiling.

Tip 2 - Allow Your Cleaner to Set In

For best results when cleaning your glass tile ceiling, give your homemade cleaning solution about 15 minutes to set in. This will give the cleaner ample time to penetrate and loosen any ceiling-based filth. This is much more effective than vigorously scrubbing the ceiling immediately after the cleaner has been applied.

Tip 3 - Rinse off Your Cleaner

After cleaning your mosaic glass tile ceiling, remember to rinse off your cleaning solution with a water-filled spray bottle. Afterward, make sure to dry the freshly cleaned ceiling with a nonabrasive washcloth.

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