3 Most Common Causes of Rust on a Car

At some point during its life you will inevitably find rust on a car, somewhere. Rust is a more or less unavoidable symptom of an aging vehicle. Chrome and metal bumpers are particularly susceptible to rust over the years and there are a couple of main causes.

1 – Weather Conditions

We all know that rain will make metal go rusty eventually. Left outside, a metal object will become wet when exposed to the elements. When this happens, oxidation takes place and cars are a prime target. Even the body work can be affected badly if there are chips or scratches in the paint work. Exposed metal will be vulnerable to rain and sun as well as extreme temperatures. This is one of the speediest ways for a car to become rust infested.

2 – Regions

Coastal regions can play a huge part in the oxidizing destruction of a car. Salty sea water is a serious enemy of metallic objects and will attack without remorse if metal is left untreated or exposed. Cold climates and extremely warm climates will have a similar effect and cause rust on the vehicle.

3 – Neglect

Even though the two previous points might play huge roles in causing rust on your vehicle, you should also consider the idea of neglect. If you fail to clean your car or protect your car inside a garage or wax your car you will leave it open to attack. Keep your car out of the weather and look after it to prevent rust from attacking your own vehicle.