3 Most Popular Breeds of Compost Worms 3 Most Popular Breeds of Compost Worms

Veteran composters will tell you that using compost worms can be an extremely effective and completely natural way to compost. The worms feed on your kitchen scraps and then digest the food, and their waste makes a nutrient-rich soil. To get started, you need to know the kinds of worms that will carry out this duty best. Here are three kinds of worms that will help you compost.

Red Wigglers

These are also known as manure worms, or red worms, and are the number one choice for composters everywhere. Since they thrive in manure and rotting food scraps, you may be able to get these kinds of compost worms in a friend's compost pile or on a local farm.


These kinds of worms are great at composting. They are striped, which leads people to call them Tiger worms, which is a mistake. Dendrobaena are not soil worms you most commonly see in your garden but prefer living above ground in rotting leaves or organic matter, which makes them perfect for composting.

Tiger Worms

Although Dendrobaena get mistaken for Tiger worms, both are actually a great compost worms. Before you purchase Tiger worms, however, make sure they are the real thing and not just worms with stripes, which will not help you compost.

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