3 Most Popular Transmission Repair Kit Brands

When you buy a transmission repair kit, select one of the finest quality. Off brands, while they may be cheaper than popular brands, will cause you no end of trouble. Buy a brand that has a good reputation for quality.


Transgo Research and Engineering has been a respected source for transmission parts since 1959, specifically catering to automatic transmissions. They have a philosophy of service and their parts are guaranteed. They service several car types and have several different kits available. Some kits, while not meant to repair a transmission, help it to perform at optimum efficiency. This prevents you from having to repair the transmission at a later date. Transgo kits have a reputation of being easy to install. They can be time consuming but if you follow the directions there should be no problems. Some people have reported difficulty in installing these kits, but the problems can usually be resolved.

B&M Racing and Performance

B&M is another brand that has a reputation for well built kits. Unlike Transgo, you can find kits for both manual and automatic transmissions. B&M does not only cater to those who need to fix a transmission, they have parts for several other systems as well. For the most part, B&M caters to people with muscle cars and high performance vehicles. They also have a reputation for high quality aftermarket transmission parts. Like Transgo, many of the transmission kits provided by B&M help improve the transmission, but are not necessarily for repair. Transmissions are only under warranty for 90 days after the initial purchase. They need to be installed quickly so you can work out any bugs.


Borg-Warner has been around in some way since 1901. The company has a reputation for value and innovation. They produce cutting edge technologies and present them to the public. It is not unusual for them to receive awards for their innovation. In regards to their transmissions, there have been mixed reviews. It has been noted that those who feel that their transmission does not perform at its optimal level are those that do not consistently care for their vehicle. If the transmission is well cared for, there is no reason it will not last for years.

As you consider your options, you need to know what kind of repair you are looking for. Each brand caters to certain tastes. They also cater to certain types of vehicles. Once you know what kind of repair kit you need, consider who you want to install it. If you plan on doing the installation, find a kit that has a reputation for easy installation. If you plan on having shop repair your transmission, be sure that they choose a high quality repair kit. The shop should be associated with several reputable organizations and have a good reputation. They might also recommend a repair kit based on their experience and the kind of transmission repair kits they consistently work with.