3 Mudroom Ideas for Keeping it Clean

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If your mudroom is among your home's messiest areas, it may interest you to learn that there are a number of mudroom cleaning ideas that can help you keep your home's mudroom spotless and organized.

Shoe Racks

Upon entering mudrooms, many people simply toss their shoes on the floor, giving way to messes and potential tripping hazards. Shoe racks will provide your family members and guests with a place to store their footwear while effectively keeping your mudroom floor safe from shoe dirt. In addition to keeping your mudroom clean, a shoe rack will give the area an air of organization.

Absorbent Floor Mats

If you or any of your family members regularly play sports, absorbent floor mats are essential in keeping a clean mudroom. Rather than make your shoe rack dirty, place any mud-encrusted athletic footwear on an absorbent floor mat until you have time to properly clean them. These mats can also prove useful in storing wet boots.

Expendable Carpets

If you want to keep the floor of your mudroom clean, place an old or expendable carpet over it. This will ensure that any dirt tracked in with shoes doesn't find its way onto the actual floor.