3 Non-Noisy Roof Attic Fan Options 3 Non-Noisy Roof Attic Fan Options

A roof attic fan is a fixture that you can include in your home in order to help circulate the air in your attic. Because many attics do not have great natural ventilation and are without plentiful windows, having a fan in the attic can help to make the space much easier to work in. However, one problem with standard attic fans is that they tend to generate a lot of noise. This can make it unpleasant to use the attic fan and may cause problems for people in the attic. Read on for a few good alternative options that are less noisy.

1. Solar Powered Attic Fan

Solar powered attic fans are generally much less noisy than standard attic fans. They are attached to the ceiling and have a separate solar panel that helps to gather energy; this panel will need to be placed outside and in an area that is well located to receive sunlight. While solar powered attic fans are much less noisy than standard fans, they are also generally not as powerful. Additionally, it can be difficult to operate these fans if you live in an area that doesn't get much sunlight, or if you happen to use the fan on a day when the sun isn't out. Still, solar powered attic fans are much better for the environment and much more cost effective for usage than other types of fans.

2. Wind Powered Fans

Wind powered fans make use of the fact that winds tend to be faster and more frequent at attic levels than they do on the ground. These fans are installed in an attic and have a separate ventilation system that helps to channel the wind from outside into the fan. As such, it can be hard to know exactly how well the fan will work at any given time; the functionality of the fan is somewhat dependent upon the amount of wind that is occurring. However, these fans are very environmentally friendly and, once they've been installed, cost nothing to operate.

3. Electric Fans

Electric fans are one of the most common alternatives to standard fans. These fans tend to not be quite as powerful as are standard fans, but they will also be much less noisy. Electric fans must be wired in to your electrical system, so the installation process can be somewhat tricky and time consuming. Additionally, they will cost more to operate than either of the two previous types of fans, although careful monitoring of your usage will help to ensure that the fan doesn't add much to your electric bill.

In addition to these fans, there are also other options for providing ventilation and air circulation in your attic. Although it is more invasive and requires a more involved installation process, a central heating or air condition system can be great for climate control and will not be very noisy either.

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